Promark Active Grip™

Mike Portnoy

Never miss a beat

ActiveGrip Technology

Introducing the world's first heat-activated drumstick.

Promark Active Grip™
Heat Activated

Heat Activated

Adjusts to your body's temperature to get tackier the more you sweat.

Natural Feel

Adds no noticeable weight or diameter to the stick.

Natural Feel
Thin Coating

Thin Coating

Thin coating offers grip without sacrificing feel.

“ActiveGrip reinvents the drumstick and allows my hands to stay relaxed at all times. As a drummer who has never preferred grip sticks these belong in every drummer's stick bag.” -Justin H.

ActiveGrip Sticks

Rich Redmond

Don't quit your day job

Rich RedmondRich Redmond 595

To keep the beat for artists like Jason Aldean, Rich Redmond needs a solid, consistent stick. That’s why he worked with Promark to develop his ActiveGrip 595, designed with extra beef for pocket players who demand a strong back beat.

Stick Length: 16"
Diameter: .595" (5B)
Tip: Oval
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“Drumming is an athletic event, so you’ve gotta be prepared for any situation. My new ActiveGrip stick is like an extension of my body and they really hold up in the heat.” -Rich Redmond

Mike PortnoyMike Portnoy 420X

Mike Portnoy developed the classic 420 for progressive styles. But to play with bands like Winery Dogs, Twisted Sister and Metal Allegiance, he needs a stick that’s made for heavier playing. So he worked with Promark to design the ActiveGrip 420X to add more power and control to his arsenal.

Stick Length: 16 1/4"
Diameter: .565" (5A)
Tip: Oval
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“You have to be able to control the situation, not let the situation control you. From clubs to festivals to playing heavy metal in Prague, ActiveGrip helps me keep my cool.” -Mike Portnoy

Glenn KotcheKotche Wave 570

After 16 years using Promark, Wilco’s Glenn Kotche wanted a stick that catered to his versatility, while helping him to relax his grip. So he teamed up with Promark to make his signature Active Wave 570, designed with a contoured handle for better control.

Wave Handle™
Stick Length: 16 3/4"
Diameter: .570" (55A)
Tip: Acorn
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“ActiveGrip is key for me since I sweat a lot when I play. I found years ago that I was gripping my sticks too tightly. This stick allows me to loosen up and find more control the hotter I get.” -Glenn Kotche

Glenn Kotche

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